Hello there, what's up?

I was born in Kolkata and lived for a short while in various parts of India, like Assam, Mumbai, Dehradun and Delhi but spent most of my life in Chennai. For a brief period I went back to Kolkata for my graduation. I am a physiotherapist and I run my own centre called Dwi maternity studio, the first of its kind in Chennai. Dwi specialises with Antenatal counselling for expecting couples. This has been my purpose in life; making a difference to expecting couples so that happier and positive babies come in to this world . The new borns grow up empowered ,making this world even more beautiful as an adult.

Children pick up what they observe from their surroundings. For a Bengali art, literature, theatre, dance etc is an integral part of their life along with Poochkas , Rosogolla and Durga Pujas. My family constantly influenced and inspired me with their talents and hobbies in the above fields. I grew up learning dancing both classical and folk styles, writing, reading, debating and acting during my school and college years. Learnt Salsa , Swimming in my later years.I keep learning and trying something new. Set a goal however small be it, work towards it and then celebrate crossing that milestone in life.

Having had a flourishing and a fulfilling career ,raising a beautiful child Ricky and being married to Vijay Kapoor a first generation Entrepreneur who runs a leading men's fashion wear brand in Tamil Nadu called Derby clothing private limited I went about my business of living .I secretly nurtured a dream of writing a book and becoming an author some day. I watched my paternal grandfather endlessly write for hours translating the discourses of the Gautama Buddha from the language Pali to Bengali and English. While i sat by his side writing an essay on my experience in the local vegetable and fish market that morning, my first ride in the metro rail in Kolkata. I believed that everything and anything in life is worth writing and cherishing . I continued to practise my writing skills by penning down personal notes to loved ones, writing essays, articles in the school and college publications. My English teacher in the 6th grade read my essay aloud in the class ,friends and family treasured my hand written notes appreciated it all this made me believe that my writing was worth a read.

A book has been my constant companion. I grew up reading the most famous authors in my growing years in every possible category . I can spend hours in a library or a book shop. I feel as if the whole world disappears when I am with books. Every book every author has had something to contribute to my writing skills.

One of the first most influential books in the past few years that churned my thoughts and writing was Robin Sharma’s The monk who sold his Ferrari. It was an unusual journey beyond just physical space , it was a journey inwards but the path lead to the mountains.

Dr. Brain Weiss captured my awe in terms of his story telling skills by sharing his life's experiences. I connect to his writing and the concept of life beyond this life and that everything is about Closure and peace is attained finally in Love. Only Love is Real is one of my most favourite books.

I am a fan of Paulo Coelho. I wait for his books . Every chapter every story has a message that makes us introspect grow and evolve as human beings.

And finally the one book that transformed my life was Krishna Consciousness by Osho. It was gifted to me by a very dear friend. It has liberation in every word . It is the true essence of Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita simplified. One of my priciest possession is the book Kane and Abel ,autographed by Jeffery Archer.

Being outdoors was something that I missed during my growing up years because of studies and the pressure to have a career in the future . My mother came back to pick me up from school if I stayed back for any sports or athletics related events. My father was a passionate football player and an athlete , thank fully my son follows suit. So as an adult, I tried my hands in Kalari Payattru, Trekking and Running. I would call it mid life excitement, enthusiasm or awakening, trying catching up on everything I missed before it was too late.

Travelling is something I extensively love doing. Try and see a new place every year. At the start of every year I put up a list of things to do and try to tick it of my bucket list . Been there and done it.Travelling, Trekking, Reading and Writing together became the perfect recipe to write my first book.

I believe our thoughts our experiences in life influence and shape our destiny. The experiences of my life, human interactions, books, movies, nature guides me to live a life of choices rising up to challenges every time. The days spent in Nepal all alone were painful, scary and heart breaking. Through it all Rabindranath Tagore's Ekla Cholo re played in my head. I repeated the lines from his poem where the mind is without fear, the words from Robert Frost ' s poem the road less travelled, and miles to go before I sleep, I whispered to myself. I chose to look beyond the obvious and every step along the way transformed in to words to become a story I could share that would inspire many others .Life Destiny and God gave me a chance to choose what best I could make of it, to make my dream come true and become an author.

Hence this book , based on my experience " The girl who was left behind". Life is too precious to be allowed to simply pass by. It has to be lived completely and intensely in the moment.