I rise and fall a numerous times my life span is brief because death is instantaneous for me The sea is made of me or I make the sea

I can be restless turbulent raging violet yet rouge

To never be constant for me is to be in vogue

Sometimes I can be quite docile submissive and meek

To flow travel and never be in one place I seek

I am vast and spread over almost all over earth

Yet I am the minutest element in the ocean hearth

I stretch from between the horizon and land

Yet I earn every moment to kiss the sand

I am life itself and yet the womb for many creatures to live

My prime purpose is to nourish nurture and give

I am unpredictable frivolous and an instant

To the human I may look like a constant

I am a mood a season a leap controlled by tide

I can be very thrilling to ride

I have no where to go and no place to stay

On the surface of the ocean bed I lay

I reach out to the sky to rise high

So that I can return to land when the clouds cry and sigh

What am I here for, what is the purpose for me to be

Is never an issue because in an instant there is nothing left of me

I live in a moment and a moment is all I have with me

I am a wave and I am forever free